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So you want to upcycle your own furniture, or even start a little business?
That’s brilliant, So now its time to look for the best paint to use...

In my opinion that’s a mineral paint- especially the Annabell Duke mineral range, Why you ask?

1} It has a built in primer, so it a case of clean, light sand, clean and off you go with the paint.

2} It self levels, which means as long as you go easy with the thickness of the paint, it will self level. This means no pesky brush marks and no having to sand between coats.

3} It cures in 5-7 days which is twice as quick as other leading market mineral paints. When we say cure we mean the paint needs to completely dry all the way through then harden.

4} It has a built in top coat, so after the cure time there is no need to seal again unless adding a transfer.
5} It’s made in the UK and supports other small business like mine when you purchase a jar.

All jars are 500 ml and a jar will cover a large wardrobe.

If you want a high shine to the finish (as this will give you a nice matte finish) you can also use the liquid clear varnish to create a high shine that heat and mark resistant. 
This one is a good question that I get asked a lot...

There are a few ways to prep your piece you want to paint.

The real answer is, it all depends on the wood and if its real wood and if it already has a finish to it.

So lets start off nice and easy- The most popular furniture to get upcycled is orange pine. This needs to be cleaned and then a light sand then cleaned again to get rid of all the sand partials, its then time to paint.

If you are wanting to upcycle a vintage piece, the prep is pretty much the same.
The one piece of advice is clean the piece first till the cloth is clean, its most probably got 50 years of dirty, grime and smoke on there. If the piece is a dark wood and you are going a light colour, it’s worth thinking about priming the wood first with a Annabell Duke white or grey primer.

If the piece is a vintage piece that is just laminated wood ( or ikea) its still paintable.
You need to clean then sanded to create a rough surface on the laminate to allow the paint something to cling to, then you can paint away to create that new look.

If the piece already has a paint on it, you will need to remove that surface to get the best finish. You can sand down to a flat surface then paint as Annabell Duke paint self levels.

If the piece has a wax or varnish finish you again need to remove that before any paint is added.




When using an electric sander use the best you can (Personally I use festsool for the big jobs and a curve sander for the smaller jobs)

Sand WITH the grain of the wood

Always clean before you start to stand, you don’t want to grind all the dirt into the wood.

If you need to do any repairs like filling, do it now before you start to prep.

Hokus Pokus transfers are a ‘rub on’ style furniture transfer.In the tube you will receive a transfer that will come on three sheets for ease of use ( some older styles are large sheets and longer tubes and do not have these) a white glove and a rub on HP applicator.

To start with the transfer make sure the paint is dry and clean from dust.

Work out where you would like the transfer

DON‘T peal the white backing away right away, start by holding the transfer up to the area.

I personally now use some blue painters tape to hold the transfer in place, so I will get the same place. Then go and carefully peal away the white backing paper and you will see the transfer on the clear sheet.
Start to press the transfer on the piece, If you have drawers that stick out start with the inner part of the drawer then work out.

Now it’s time to rub rub rub all where you see the transfer, you will see the colour change under the clear paper.*

It’s now time to slowly peal the clear paper away from the transfer rubbing the transfer as you do this so it sticks.

* If the transfer isn’t sticking the paint might not be dry. You can use a hair dryer on a medium setting about 15 cm away from the transfer always moving the dryer for about 30 seconds to let the glue warm up then rub again.

You can then wear the white glove, and smooth over the transfer slowly and carefully.

Now its time to seal. You have 2 options: Wax or a liquid varnish. 
So I only ever use Steve at Nexus - www.facebook.com/nexuscouriers I’m lucky he is my dad, but has been in the courier trade for 15 years.

I wrap my furniture with a plastic wrap and mover blankets to protect them. 
Yes, I do paint other furniture.We call it “ Commission painting“ If you have a piece that you would like a new look for drop us a message on the Facebook page- www.facebook.com/furnitureaholic or email us on the contact page.

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